For patients from other cities

Every year, the Research Institute "Children of Indigo" provides modern medical care to thousands of young patients. In the Research Institute Children of Indigo in Chelyabinsk and Krasnodar, parents bring children from all regions of Russia and abroad.

1 Impressive equipment capability and state-of-the-art drug-free treatment technologies.

“Indigo Children” R&D Institute possesses the advanced technologies in treatment of the widest range of neurological disorders of children. We can offer the cutting-edge developments of the Russian and foreign scientists, most advanced medical equipment and the latest methods of treatment which as of today are applied by very few biggest clinics. Preference is given to the drug-free treatment which is effective and does not produce any toxic impact on a child’s body.


2 Unique diagnostics

The unique expert-level diagnostic equipment provides for the enlarged amount of data that are considered impossible under other methods of research. We are ready to estimate the functional condition of central nervous system and brain from the first months of life. It will be easier to correct any abnormalities found at the earlier stages of development. Intermediate test surveys in the course of treatment are viewed as the obligatory practice! This helps estimate efficiency of the prescribed therapy and save time and money of parents.


3 Team of top-ranked specialists

The team working in “Indigo Children” R&D Institute consists of top-ranked child life specialists, namely represented by: neonatologists, paediatricians, neurologists, teachers for hearing impaired, speech therapists, special education teachers, psychologists, psychotherapeutists, recreation therapists, vertebrologists, exercise physiologists, bobath therapists, physical therapists, otolaryngologists, gastroenterologists etc. Many doctors have Ph.D degree.


4 Comprehensive approach to treating little patients

Treatment of every new patient will be arranged based on the comprehensive principle, under control of all dedicated experts with account of the case history and individual features of the health condition. If necessary, we will promptly arrange doctors consultation on the controversial issues on site, without need to leave the medical facilities. Only the comprehensive approach allows ensuring of apparent dynamics when treating the main disorder without any complications and adverse effects.



For 2014-2015 above 900 little patients with different neurological disorders have applied for the medical assistance to “Indigo Children” R&D Institute.

Objective findings of analyses demonstrate the following after a course of treatment: Doctors of “Indigo Children” R&D Institute can considerably improve condition of patients with various pathologies. Effectiveness of our treatment approaches exceeds 90%.


Pre-consultation with a pediatric neurologist is free of charge!

Take advantage of the neurologist preliminary consultation service.

This service is rendered absolutely free of charge.

Send us a letter right now and we will contact you asap!

Indicate the age and complaints of your child. If any diagnoses were determined, specify them as well. Replying to your letter, a doctor may additional ask for some copies of your case history, recent findings etc. in order to study the case. You will be able to attach these documents to an email having such a preliminary correspondence.

A doctor will keenly review the received documents and make a preliminary conclusion on the possible treatment approach and its cost.


We offer the unique treatment using the most advanced technologies based on the before-the-crisis prices. We have not increased our prices since 2014. “Indigo Children” R&D Institute has the extensive experience in cooperation with charity foundations and is ready to provide prompt assistance in preparation of documents to get the relevant allowance.


Especially for patients from other cities we did our best to create comfortable conditions while staying in our city.

    We offer:

  • Free transportation from the airport/railway station to the place of accommodation
  • Comfortable and clean flats (from economy-class to luxurious) within walking distance from the medical clinic.
  • Cleaning service before accommodation and every 5 days.
  • Lock cylinder replacement after every guest to ensure your safety.
  • Flats have everything you may need when staying with little children: furniture, dishware, clean bed clothes, towels, personal hygiene means, microwave oven, washing machine, TV, wi-fi, iron.
  • Fast repair or replacement in case of machines failure.
  • Providing with a local sim-card for cheap calls.
  • Preparation of reporting documents..
  • Money-saving as compared to hotel accommodation. If you have any complaints - we will reimburse your money for accommodation.
You may get more detailed information about accommodation conditions and costs by calling us: